Gonzalez deal in the works

The Boston Red Sox gave up three top prospects to pry Adrian Gonzalez away from Jed Hoyer and the San Diego Padres.

But, after the Sox, Gonzalez, and his agent John Boggs couldn’t agree to a contract extension right away, all of Red Sox nation panicked at the idea of Gonzalez being Gonzo after one year.

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A true, one-hit wonder.

But following a meeting with Theo Epstein on Tuesday, both sides think that some kind of contract extension will be reached in April once the season starts.

A collect sigh of relief from the Hub.

Now there are a few factors that led to the ‘wait-and-see approach’ that the Red Sox took with giving Gonzalez an extension.  First, the health of his surgically repaired shoulder and second the luxury tax hit the Sox avoided by waiting for the new season.

Not sure whether the former or the latter was more important to the savvy Red Sox front office, but so far this Spring, Gonzalez has come as advertised: durable and consistent (he was 3-for-6 on Tuesday in a Triple-A game).

So now, he will be nearly $180 million richer come early April.

And the Red Sox and Gonzalez couldn’t be happier with that fact.

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