The New York Jets and in particular, Rex Ryan, were asking for SOMEONE to step up and start talking trash back at them.  I mean, the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets Jets, were running their mouth all week and although it’s the Patriots mantra to let their play do the talking, something had to be done.

However, the Jets probably didn’t think the retaliation would come in the form of Wes Welker referring to feet (a clear jab at Sexy Rexy’s fetish of the foot) 11 times in a press conference on Thursday.

Well, he did.

Of course it’s prankster Wes Welker who gets the “go-ahead” to take a jab at Ryan with a, lets be clear here, non-accidental slip of the tongue 11 times.  The New England Patriots, as we all believe (and know), are the cream of the crop when it comes to everything football, and that too includes trash talking.  Leave it up to Bill Belichick, Welker, and Tom Brady, the Patriots went about responding to all the talk with an, are you listening New York?, INTELLIGENT manner of retaliating. 

This was no mistake or coincidence folks, Wes Welker just tore Rex Ryan a new one by using clever language and, worth noting, without dropping a single swear unlike Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie. 

As if their wasn’t enough hype going into this game already, it’s getting personal folks.  And we still have over two days until kickoff.  

Oh boy.

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