Rex Ryan Needs To Put His Foot In His Mouth

Amid all the foot fetish hoopla and Rex Ryan rants about his rivalries with Peyton Manning and Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots and New York Jets will be playing a AFC Divisional playoff game on Sunday, contrary to popular belief.

Ryan is once again making it personal by saying on Monday that it’s all “about Bill Belichick versus Rex Ryan” when talking about Sunday’s matchup at Foxborough. Belichick took news of Ryan’s comments lightly by saying that neither coach would be suiting up for any plays, but Ryan is still talking as if he controls New York’s destiny.

He could be wrong, he could be right.  But Belichick is ultimately right, it doesn’t really come down to the two coaches, it comes down to the execution of the players and more notably, the play of Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady.

Ryan knows this, so in what is becoming a weekly diatribe for the Jets head coach, he sounded off again on Monday in hopes of alleving some of the pressure off of his players, most notably Sanchez, by putting the X on his own back and hoping to spurn conversation over his comments and not the 45-3 debacle his team encountered on Dec. 6 at Gillette Stadium. 

So in what will be a week filled with trash-talking by the teams, fans, and coaches, the New England Patriots will have to put Rex Ryan in his place and force him to kiss there rings.

It’s time for Ryan to put up or shut up.  And it’s time for the Patriots to make Sexy Rexy eat his own words. Lets hope he doesn’t enjoy it too much.

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