Red Sox Lose Max Ramirez

The Boston Red Sox got Jarrod Saltalamacchia last year from the Texas Rangers after pursuing the switch-hitting catcher for over three years and recently claimed another catcher off waivers from the Rangers in Max Ramirez.

It cost the Red Sox two low-level prospects to net the two catchers from Texas who had both been linked in trades to the Sox that in one time or the other included the names of Clay Buccholz, Mike Lowell, Jed Lowrie, Josh Reddick, and Lars Anderson. 

For Theo Epstein, the general manager must have been happy to wait, and let nature run its course, as the two catchers, marred by injuries and a lack of productivity, both finally landed in Boston’s lap.

But just as soon as Epstein landed Ramirez on Jan. 5, he lost him to the Chicago Cubs today as the Cubs claimed Ramirez off waivers as the Sox were forced to put him on waivers to make room on the 40-man roster for reliever Hideki Okajima.

Although the news probably won’t affect the Red Sox in 2011 or hurt them in the future, the Sox had always coveted Ramirez (as well as Saltalamacchia) so it’s too bad that the player and team never got more of a chance to see what could’ve been.

But maybe again, the journey that has been Max Ramirez’s major league career may be better suit for someone else other than the Red Sox.

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