Crawford or Werth?

With Victor Martinez now donning a Tigers uniform for the next four years, the Boston Red Sox have now turned their attention to signing a free-agent outfielder to fill the void left by Martinez’ departure in the middle of the order.

The two most attractive names on the free-agent market to fill that void are Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth.

With general managers in awe of Crawford’s speed and Werth’s ability to mash left-handed pitching, the two players would be welcomed additions to the Red Sox lineup.  But for what cost?

Crawford, 28, is rumored to be seeking an 8-year deal in the neighborhood of $18-20 million a season and Werth, 32, is believed to be seeking a 5-year deal worth upwards of $17 million a season.

Excuse the pun, but are either player really worth the money and long-term commitment?

With options such as Adam Dunn, who could fill in at first base for a season (before we sign/acquire Adrian Gonzalez) and then move over to DH in years to come, still available for far less money, or stop-gaps such as Lyle Overbay and Lance Berkman on the market, would the Sox be better suited with these latter options than those of Crawford or Werth?

With Ryan Kalish proving his talent last season, and a healthy Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury (or a trade for Justin Upton) providing possibilities for next season, the Sox don’t necessarily need to get Crawford or Werth to fill the void in their lineup.

Oh and a player by the name of Adrian Beltre is still available and he proved he could handle the pressure of performing at Fenway Park. 

There are a number of options and scenarios that can and will be played out by Theo Epstein before deciding on which player and path the Red Sox will take this offseason.

So what do you Chowdaheadz think they should do?  Comment here and tell us what you think.

a) Sign either Crawford or Werth

b) Sign Adam Dunn and move Kevin Youkilis over to third

c) Trade for Upton and get a short-term solution at third or first base

d) Trade for Adrian Gonzalez and acquire/sign another outfielder

e) None of the above


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