Jeter contract situation getting messy

Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees go together like lamb and tunafish, scratch that, spaghetti and meatballs (see: Big Daddy).  The connection between the Yankees and their famed shortstop is no secret, so when it comes time for the Yankees to re-up Jeter on a new contract, why is the process taking so long?

Because the Yankees don’t want to pay in the future for past results.

All fine and good, especially when you are trying to run a succesful business.  But when have the Yankees ever been a business model that isn’t afraid to dole out cash like there’s no tomorrow?

Short answer: Never.

The Yankees pay. Jeter knows this and the Yankees know this.  So when it comes time to assure that Jeter retires as a Bronx Bomber, why are the Yankees playing hardball with the most famous pinstriper since Joe Dimaggio? 

Well, because they can and because nobody else is going to out-bid their lowball bid.

Once again, Jeter knows this and the Yankees know this.  But, with this contract impasse going on, Jeter can’t help but wonder why the Yanks were willing to roll out the red carpet to a ‘fake’ Yankee in Alex Rodriguez, by paying him a contract that averages over $20 million a year until he is in his 40’s and now won’t do it for him. Jeter can’t help but wonder why they’d do it for A-Fraud and not the most important member of the organization.

But Jeter knows that baseball is a business, and you can only reap so many benefits from past performances. Jeter uncharacteristically slipped in all faces of his game last season, looking more like Marco Scutaro than a hall-of-fame shortstop.  Hey, it’s not his fault, he is getting old.  

But it was a contract year.  He should’ve consulted Adrian Beltre on how to handle that one.

So Jeter isn’t the same old Jeter.  And apparently the Yankees, now run by Hal Steinbrenner, are not the same old Yankees.

So with the Yanks and their star shortstop at a crossroads in contract negotiations, why don’t the Red Sox or Los Angeles Dodgers slip their way into the conversation and give the free-agent shortstop another option?  It couldn’t hurt either side, with the Dodgers having Don Mattingly and a need for a shortstop, and the Red Sox being, well you know, the Yankees rival. 

Let’s get this straight, Derek Jeter will likely be suiting up in pinstripes next season, with a new multi-million dollar contract.  With this fact almost undeniable, why don’t the two sides stop mudding their relationship and get it done already.

It’s the Yankees, what’s a few extra million anyway?

Anyway, we all know why Jeter is holding out for $23-25 million over four-years, it’s because he wants an unlimited supply of Wine Coolers.  Well, here at Chowdaheadz, we have the perfect ‘Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers’ T-Shirt for $14.99 just to spite the shortstop.  Also, don’t forget that today is the last day for FREE shipping and a FREE gift. 

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