Sexy Rexy’s Big Mouth

After another non-impressive 26-10 victory on Thursday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets are once again, opening their mouths and talking the talk.

The Jets (9-2) have squeaked out wins in their past three games to hold the best record in football, along with the New England Patriots, as the two teams gear towards a Monday Night Football battle of the beasts in the East on Dec. 6. 

And of course, with any game between the Jets and Patriots, there’s already some talking going on.  Led foremost by the Jets head coach, Rex Ryan.

“Our football team believes we can beat anybody,” said Ryan, “And we’re going to prove it.”

In regards to the Patriots averaging the most points in the league led by Tom Brady, Ryan thinks his team’s defense has the abilities to stop the juggernaut that has become the Patriots offense. 

“I understand New England is moving it up and down the field against everybody, but we’ll see,” said Ryan, “I have confidence that won’t be the case this week.”

Only time will tell Rex, but you better get to the film room and not the podium if you want to beat the Patriots at home in December. 



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