Big(s) Trouble For Celtics

Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics made a conscious effort in the off-season to bring in big men to fill the void left at center by Kendrick Perkins knee injury.

Ainge signed Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal to help carry the duties of big man until Perkins returns in January or February.  However, only nine games into the season and the big man are already banged up, with the most recent injury coming to Jermaine O’Neal.  He managed only 11 minutes in Monday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks before leaving with a sore left knee.

Shaq missed his fifth straight game with a sore right knee on Monday. 

So what’s in store at the center position for the Boston Celtics as the head to Miami on Thursday night to take on the Heat?

Semih Erden.  Now that’s something that hurts. 

Much like Theo Epstein knows you can never have enough pitching or quality outfielders, Ainge and the Celtics are learning that you can never have enough big men.  Where’s Mikki Moore or Rasheed Wallace when you need them, right?

Although Erden has played well in the past few games, the Celtics will need one of the O’Neals to work their way back from injury to avoid a black hole at the center position. 

If not, then Danny Ainge may be looking to do something he thought he already accomplished in the off-season.

Stockpile big men. 

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