Brady’s Got His Swag Back

Listening to Tom Brady’s weekly interview on WEEI Monday morning, the Patriots captain was asked what he thought about Terrell Suggs saying, “[Tom Brady] better hope he doesn’t face us again.” 

Brady’s response demonstrates that the play-caller and unequivocal leader of this New England team is exuding a high level of confidence and competitiveness after New England’s 23-20 win over Baltimore on Sunday.

“He had his chance,” Brady sad on the Dennis & Callahan Show, “Maybe if he gets another chance, he can try to back those words up… They talk a lot for beating us once in nine years.”

Confident words from Brady who highlights something Patriot fans seem to forget about our rivalry with Baltimore– other than last year’s win, New England has had the number of Ray Lewis and the Ravens. Although the Ravens will tell you some of those losses were results of ‘bad refereeing’ or ‘[Baltimore] giving it away’, the fact still remains that New England has proven over the past decade to be the better team.

Tom Brady knows that.  And so to does Terrell Suggs. 

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