The Brett Favre Saga

Is anyone else sick of Brett Favre yet?

The Vikings quarterback apologized to teammates on Monday, for being a distraction during the teams preparation for their Monday Night Football showdown with the New York Jets.

Fitting that the Jets, Favre’s former employer and the place where Favre allegedly sent inappropriate messages and photos to a former Jets employee, are in Minnesota this week.

Guess the Jets couldn’t let the Randy Moss distraction one up them, so they released this hot-topic issue just in time for the Vikings game.  Don’t underestimate Rex Ryan, who may be employing his best Belichick-like impersonation and sabotage.  (By the way, Eric Mangini, control your star player and don’t let this type of activity go on.  Now Rex Ryan has some fire power because of your blunders in New York).  

Back to Brett, in the 40-year-olds latest blunder, the NFL’s all-time leading touchdown passer is having the whistle blown on him for off-the-field issues.  The fact that Favre is a father and husband should have stopped him from participating in this teenage-esque behavior.  So now, the alleged inappropriateness of his actions have him more in line with Ben Roethlisberger and Alex Rodriguez than Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

A slippery slope for the gunslinger.

But, Favre’s never been shy of the attention– positive or negative– so he should be right at home with his latest national frenzy and constant media attention.  Oh by the way, NFL countdown is still trying to shine a positive light on Favre.

Just wish No. 4 wasn’t No.1 on ESPN all day, every day.  Give it a rest Brett.

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