Randy’s Replacement: Deion Branch?

When Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were at their best, Deion Branch was wearing a Patriots uniform. So its only logical to bring Branch back with the depature of Randy Moss, right?

Well, speculation out of New England and Seattle is that a deal is being discussed about bringing No. 83 back to Foxborough.  Rumors have it that the deal hinges on whether New England will offer a sixth round draft pick over a seventh, as the Patriots are looking to make it a conditional pick.   

Not to get caught up in conditions, but bringing one of Brady’s favorite weapons back would seem like a pretty logistical move and might help ease the sting of Moss’ departure.

Now Branch is now longer his 2005-self, or Moss for that matter, but an addition of the proven Branch would be an upgrade over the likes of Taylor Price and Matthew Slater.  Although the 31-year-old has been oft-injured in his three years in Seattle, the wide-out is putting up some solid numbers thus far in 2010 with 13 receptions for 112 yards and one touchdown.

With a plethora of draft picks at their disposal in next years draft, sending one of those picks to help the 2010 team compete (without Moss) may be a neccessary move for Bill Belichick and Company.  

If not only to please the fans– or spark some interest, acquiring Branch would help the team, especially after trading Randy Moss.

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