It’s Official: Bye Bye Randy

After an outburst with quarterback’s coach and play-caller Bill O’Brien at halftime on Monday Night, the New England Patriots jettisoned their hall-of-fame receiver to the Minnesota Vikings for a third-round draft pick on Wednesday.

In a shocking turn of events, after the Patriots 41-14 rout of the Miami Dolphins, the Patriots are shipping their disgruntled wide receiver to Minnesota (just in time for the Jets vs. Vikings game), in another characteristic move of a disgruntled veteran (See: Richard Seymour, 2009) from Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

When everything seems to be going well, Belichick will smack you right in the face.

It’s pretty evident that Moss and the Patriots felt that their relationship wasn’t going to be amicable and productive for the final 12+ games of the season.  So now the two are parting ways.  

What does the move mean for the 2010 Patriots?

Well, a lot of things.  The most obvious being that Tom Brady no longer has a deep threat that garners the attention of two defensive backs.  But, with that being said, Brady will have to transform this offense (with the help of O’Brien) into the Patriots of old, circa 2001-05, where Brady would target six, seven, sometimes even eight receivers in a game, to help move the ball down the field.

Is it a coincidence that the Patriots won three Super Bowls in that time span?  Hopefully not.

But for now, many fans will be scratching their head with a third-round pick in exchange for Moss.  But, on the other hand, maybe the chemistry issues were so bad that Moss forced New England’s hand, making a third-round selection a blessing in disguise.  

So the season is now in Brady’s hand, in regards to the offense, but its not like he hasn’t had to do it before. Anyone remember the days of Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel, and Jabar Gaffney? 

Anyway, here’s to hoping the Patriots unite as a team, without Moss, and continue their MNF ways.  Oh and keep an eye on Vincent Jackson New England fans. 

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