This Is The Best Bruins Team We Have Seen In A Long Time!

I am already drinking the Bruins Kool Aid folks.  

Maybe it has a lot to do with our #1 draft pick Tyler Seguin.

Maybe it has a lot to do with my yearning for a Stanley Cup in my lifetime. 

Maybe it has to do with they are a better team than last year and possibly the best we have seen in quite awhile. 

This season is the “Bar Mitzvah” “The Confirmation” “The Turning 18” for the Boston Bruins. I am not going to put myself on a limb and say we will see a Lord Stanley’s cup being raised on the ice at the Garden but I will say that I think this is the best Boston Bruins team we have seen in quite a long time.

The Bruins have not made the Stanley cup finals since 1990, 20 years!  We have only had a few seasons since then where the expectations of this team were “Stanley Cup Worthy”. I think the 2010-2011 campaign is one that has high expectations already.  We haven’t been to the conference final since 1992 and I think that is about where the bar is set for this team. They have the talent to get there and have a team full of personality. 

I know I am wearing my Black & Gold earlier than in years past.  Go Bruins!!


Season starts on October 9th in Prague, CZ



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