Keep Your Sox On, The Red Sox Are Not Cooked Just Yet

The Red Sox lost a couple close games this past weekend that have many of us faithful fans very frustrated.  However, its not time to start jumping off the bridge just yet- maybe start the walk towards the bridge and put your feet over the edge but don’t jump just yet!

The Sox are only 5 games back in the wild card and still have six games left against the team they are trailing: Tampa. They are going to be adding 3 starters to their active roster over the next few weeks as Pedroia, Martinez, & Ellsbury get healthy.  In addition their starting pitching has been very good and should be dependable down the stretch. All this could come together for a nice recipe down the stretch.  The Sox certainly have some bullpen issues but they will be a better team in the last two months of the season no matter how you slice it.

The Red Sox come home on Friday after what was expected to be a very tough west coast trip. Look for something to get excited about in early August as they close the gap in the Wild Card race.  The division might be a tough hill to climb but all we need is an invitation to the playoffs for our starting staff to step up and give us a legitimate chance.

We may be overly optimistic here  at Chowdaheadz but the baseball season is a long and winding road that always isn’t easy. We see some light at the end of this road even though many have written this season off.

Keep those Sox On Folks!


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