Is Thibodeau Becoming A Distraction For The Celtics?

Courting Of C’s Assistant Could Be Distracting The Team

Tom Thibodeau has an extensive coaching background in the NBA, coming from the Jeff Van Gundy coaching tree, as the Celtic assistant coach is due to become a head coach by season’s end.  But is the courting of Thibodeau by the coachless New Orleans Hornets and Chicago Bulls becoming a distraction for the Boston Celtics?

Thibodeau has been passed over in recent years by teams for sexier and more well-known coaches.  But his value has never been higher, as the defensive magician who has led the Celtics defense past Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Dwight Howard this post-season, will most likely not be back in Boston next year.

Although the Hornets offer to Thibodeau came with a ‘deadline’, the team from New Orleans is willing to at least extend its window-of-opportunity for a few more hours (maybe even days) until the Celtics assistant coach can decide.  But with the Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets in the coaching carousel mix, and Chris Paul’s preference of Portland Trail Blazers assistant coach Monty Williams over Thibodeau, the rumors for where he may go could fly around for the entire Finals and become a major distraction to the Celtics.

With the team looking un-enthused in Game 1, one cannot help but wonder if Thibodeau’s situation is taking him away from his defensive scheming and the teams overall defensive identity that they so desperately need if they want to stop Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Nonetheless, it is nice to see Thibodeau wanting to stay aboard and see this season through.  But, one cannot overlook his situation and wonder if it’s negatively impacting the Celtics chances of raising an 18th banner.

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