Celtics Lose Game 1, But It’s Not Over

The Celtics were outplayed the entire game. They couldn’t get their physical aspect of play going, they couldn’t get a rythm going, the Lakers were on their game. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers and Pau Gasol was the tougher big man on the court (many say he is one of top 3 big men in the game).

Strangely enough the coolest head on the court was Ron Artest who on a few occasions calmed his team down when they started to get too emotional. The Celtics on the other hand were frustrated, outplayed in the physical game and couldn’t shoot around the perimeter to keep up with the Lakers.

By no stretch of the imagination is this over. In fact many expected the Lakers to come out strong and hot in game 1. The Celtics will make this a series so keep your Beat La t-shirts on!

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