The Garden Crowd Can Determine Game 6


Battered & Bruised, The Celtics Need To Man Up!

Big Baby Davis struggled to get up off the ground, dazed & confused by an elbow to the cheek from Dwight Howard.  The Magic have have flexed their muscles and the Celtics have not been able to respond for the last 2 games.

Going into the series you never would have thought the Celtics would got up 3-0 and you would probably have accepted a 3-2 lead but momentum can be a strong thing and the Magic have it right now.

However, I think the Celtics still have it in them and the Garden crowd will be thirsty and vicious on a Friday night in Boston.  This will play into the drama that will unfold and it will be dramatic! If you have a ticket to this one keep it safe & secure under your mattress because the hottest spot in the country on Friday night will be on Causeway Street. The Celtics need a fiesty, rowdy, and a crowd that will not tolerate the horrible calls that went the Magic’s way in Game 5.

So for those of you that are going to be in attendance I suggest 2 Red Bulls (add vodka if over 21), 3 Five Hour Energy Drinks, one of those huge slurpees from 7-11, a green t-shirt, and some spirit fingers because you will be the 6th man on the court Friday night!

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