Bruins Can’t Get It Done

Most Bruins fans have a sick feeling in their stomach this morning. That anxious uneasy feeling that keeps you unsettled and feeling like the end is approaching.  After last nights 2-1 loss and letting a 3-0 series lead slip away the Black & Gold contingency is walking around in a cloud of confusion. 

Can the Bruins win game 7….of course they can. The game will be played at home, the Garden will be electric, and they may even be the better team but something just doesn’t feel right about it. 

In the history of all sports only 3 times has a team come back from a  3-0 deficit to win the series (Red Sox in 2004 being one of the 3).  Friday night can’t come soon enough but at the same could come too quickly leaving us in the dust yearning for what could have been. 


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