Boston Red Sox Faces

With spring training right around the corner, familiar faces from our favorite ball club have been popping up in the news in anticipation of the 2010 baseball season. Talks about the roles for individual players have surfaced including expectations for Jonathon Papelbon, Tim Wakefield,  Jacoby Ellsbury, and David Ortiz – just to name a few. The focus this past offseason though, hasn’t so much been on the old faces of the team but rather on the new ones: Adrian Beltre, Mike Cameron, Jeremy Hermida, and former Los Angeles Angeles ace, John Lackey.

There is one more new face to the Boston Red Sox family that you may not have heard of this off-season. It is your official Boston Red Sox Forest Face. Just nail it to a tree and make it come to life as a Red Sox fan. Let everyone who drives by your house know that you are a diehard Sox fan with one these. Or simply start the new trend on the block. Each Boston Red Sox Forest Face measures 12” x 7” and wears the team cap with the official team logo. Each piece is made of weather resistant resin and has a durable hook for hanging. Remember, your Red Sox Forest Face will only be as passionate about the Sox as you are!

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