What’s Next For The Red Sox?

A Busy Few Days In Boston, But Questions Still Remain

With the John Lackey and Mike Cameron signings made official today, what does the future hold in store for the remainder of the off-season?  

Well, due to the surprise of both the Lackey and Cameron signings, nobody can know for sure what’s left in the cards for Theo Epstein and the 2010 Red Sox. However, even if the two signings were from out of “left-field”, they do indicate what direction the Sox seem to be going in and what moves are left to be made.

The holes left on the 2010 roster seem to be at third (or first) base and in the bullpen.  But don’t get caught lulling yourself to sleep on your general manger, folks, something bigger may be in the works from the Wonder Boy.  

With a slow beginning to the off-season, many Sox fans were wondering if in Theo, they really should trust.  

Well you should. 

He has, after-all, brought you two World Series rings under his watch while building a sound and fundamental organization from the bottom-up.  Sure, he comes with his pits and downfalls (cough, shortstop) but don’t underestimate the 35-year-old GM and his plans.

In the plans could be a power hitter that the Sawks seem to desperately be missing (although, open for interpretation). Could it be Adrian Gonzalez?  According to ESPNboston.com, the price may be a little too steep for Theo’s liking, but with the resources to make such a deal, the likelihood of it ever happening increases with the signings of both Lackey and Cameron.

The Red Sox now have the insurance to kiss either Clay Buchholz or Jacoby Ellsbury good-bye, if that’s the price it takes to get a high-caliber player like Gonzalez.  

It will come down to whether or not Epstein wants to sacrifice a couple of cheap years with Ellsbury and Buchholz, in exchange for an relatively cheap elite all-star like Gonzalez, or taking his chances with the likes of Adrian Beltre, Nick Johnson, or Casey Kotchman.

So with a whirlwind of an off-season seemingly flying towards a holding pattern for the Boston Red Sox, don’t underestimate the ability and prowess of a man with a plan—In Theo we trust.  

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