Surprising Day From The Red Sox

Boston Inks Two Free Agents Out Of The Blue

Oh, what a way to spend the Holiday Season.  Yesterdays signings were an early Christmas, Hanukah, and Festivus (sorry Yankee fans, this Seinfeld reference belongs to Boston today) present for Red Sox nation.

Although the boys in the clubhouse (most notably Terry Francona and Dustin Pedroia) love their game of cribbage, Theo Epstein responded to Brian Cashman’s– Granderson chess move — with a move of his own.

Check.  Take that Yankees.

No, no, no, Epstein is too young to be playing an old man’s game like chess and not that naive to have to respond to the Yankees move.  No, no, he was playing a game of poker. We must applaud him for keeping his hand very close to the chest, revealing it to no media members or friends, and in the midst of it all, calling out Joe Urbon’s bluff with a royal flush full of Lackey’s and Cameron’s on Monday.  Yes, Urbon, Jason Bay’s agent, must be feeling a little flush on Tuesday, knowing that he “moved on” and moved his agent out of Boston.

Also, lest not forget that Red Sox Nation must be feeling a little like royalty too, today, knowing that Epstein and company bolstered its rotation and lineup with the signings of John Lackey and Mike Cameron.

Lackey, drawing comparisons to Boston’s own ace, Josh Beckett, helps solidify the Red Sox rotation in 2010 and Cameron brings 3-gold-glove awards and some pop to Boston while giving them the opportunity to move Clay Buchholz (and hey, why not Jacoby Ellsbury too?) to the San Diego Padres for one Adrian Gonzalez.  

The luxury the Lackey and Cameron signings give the Red Sox cannot be overlooked.  Boston significantly upgraded its pitching, defense, and clubhouse presence with the signing of these two veterans while also affording them the option of moving some “major league ready talent” to acquire a big, middle-of-the-order, bat in exchange.

Whether Epstein and the Sox do make another big move, will have to be seen.  But for now, Santa’s sleigh full of presents have landed on Yawkey Way just in time for the Holidays (no, not Matt or Roy) but a little premature for Christmas.

But hey, that’s just how Red Sox nation likes it.  Right?   

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