Jason Bay, Have you met the Mets?

The Other Team From New York Gets In The Bay Mix

Someone else is interested in Jason Bay. No its not the Los Angeles Angels and no its not the New York Yankees.  Its that other team from New York, the New York Mets.  The Mets have cranked up the heat on the Jason Bay bidding war, or lack there of, by offering a four year contract reportedly in the range of $60 to $65 million, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.  

Theo Epstein, the ball is now in your court. 

With the Sox balking at a raised proposal to Bay, it’s decision time for the Red Sox brass. Epstein and company are currently at a standstill regarding their willingness to offer Bay a guaranteed fifth year in a contract.  That may be a smart move, but why aren’t the Sox willing to eat a final year of a contract from an aging star like Bay, when they have repeatedly done so with the likes of Edgar Renteria, Julio Lugo, and now Mike Lowell.

Maybe the wonder boy and John Henry have wised up a little bit.  Or more maybe there are other things on the horizon.  With rumors floating around about Milton Bradley (please, no) and the obvious interest in the talented Matt Holliday, maybe management will let the Mets have Bay. 

We’ll take Holliday.  

The Mets are tight on cash this offseason and have reported interest in adding another arm or two to the starting rotation as well as a starting catcher.  Name that Molina, lets say, Bengie.

So with the obvious intent of getting younger shown earlier today by Epstein in the trading of Lowell, maybe its a precursor for things to come?  No Bay– but maybe Beltre?  No Halladay– but maybe some Holliday?

With aging stars like Josh Beckett, David Ortiz, Jason Varitek, and J.D. Drew, the Boston Red Sox are trying to infuse young talent into the pipe-stream.  However, since the cream of the minor league crop is still a few years away, it may be best for Epstein to get younger (and better) by adding some new faces and signing the likes of Holliday and Beltre instead of retaining Bay and keeping Lowell.

Time well tell where the hot stove will take us, but for now the Red Sox are on the front burner.  Just where Red Sox nation craves to be. 

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