Get Your Own Charlie Chowdahead!

Charlie Chowdahead Wants to Be Your New Best Friend!

For those of you who do not know, Charlie Chowdahead is the mascot of Chowdaheadz. He was born in early 2004 and it was then, he became the face of the Chowdaheadz. He is a stuffed clam with humanlike characteristics and he symbolizes everything about New England.  He is the local expert on how to be a diehard Boston fan and he voices his opinions in the new “Charlie Says” sections on the website.

Right now, Charlie is looking to make some new best friends. He is funny, sarcastic and gets along with everyone. Some of the his favorite things to do with his fellow Chowaheadz include traveling, attending Boston sporting events, and going to the beach. He is afraid of seagulls though, so you may need to protect him if you see one.

If Charlie sounds like fun, here’s how to be his best friend:

1. Get your own Charlie Chowdahead at
2. Send us your photos of Charlie from around the globe and we will post them online! Send to
3. Become Charlie’s friend on Facebook

Remember, love him, laugh with him, play with him, just don’t eat him!

Charlie Chowdahead Charlie Chowdahead

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