Best Celtics Team Ever?

The C’s Are Rolling, Off To 8-1 Start

Excuse me for being a little premature in my examination and in result, my exclamation, of this years Boston Celtics squad but…  How could I not be?

The C’s are rolling thus far in the 2009-10 NBA season and even with one loss to the Phoenix Suns, does anyone else think this might be one of the most talented Celtics teams of all-time?  Albeit Kevin Garnett does look a little sluggish on the court after knee surgery in the off-season, but I think KG’s situation is comparable to that of Tom Brady this year as it may take a few weeks or months into the season for Mr. Garnett to feel 100 percent comfortable with his knee.

Putting that issue to rest, lets examine all other facets of the team.  

We have the starting five and what a fine group of players we have.  Rajon Rondo, newly locked up to a long-term deal, has solidified himself as one of the premiere point guards in the NBA.  Not only has Rondo improved offensively this year, the way he distributes the ball and creates for his teammates makes him a spark plug for a group of veterans.  Oh, and his defense is menacing for opposing point guards on a nightly basis.  

Kendrick Perkins is next on my list, and he is averaging a career best 9.2 ppg, even with four-less minutes of playing time per game.  My point– Perkins is entering his prime at the age of 25, putting up better numbers than any years prior, and he is getting rest in the fourth quarter because of the way the C’s are blowing out every opponent they face.

The Big Three round out the starting five and Paul Pierce is proving why he is the truth as Pierce is putting up great numbers in 34 minutes of play, averaging just over 18 ppg with 4.3 assists per game.  Although Ray Allen’s points, rebounds, and minutes are down from his career averages, it just proves that the Celtics aren’t exerting all their energy at the early point of this season which will produce benefits at the latter end of the season and into the playoffs.

The bench may be one of the best I have ever seen for a Celtics squad as the play of Shelden Williams, Rasheed Wallace, Eddie House and Marquis Daniels have all been bright spots for Doc Rivers and the C’s.  With the return of Glen Davis to come some time in the near future and the return of good health to Brian Scalabrine, the C’s depth will only increase, in time for the most grueling parts of the season.

So why does this squad look better than the teams of the Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, and Larry Bird?  Because this team is coming off a disappointing end to last year and are newly motivated to prove that they are not too old or too slow to win another championship.  This year’s Celtics squad has the energy, poise, and know-with-all to compete and dominate, night-in and night-out, as their current 8-1 record is a good barometer for what the rest of the season should look like.

Boston has set a franchise best 21.6 ppg margin of victory thus far this season which indicates this team could be the best of all time.  Time well tell if this is true as the C’s have to avoid the injury and fatigue bug, but there have been nothing but good signs so far and it could very well lead to the raising of an 18th banner.  

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