Good News For Red Sox

Boston Keeps One Of Its Young, Bright Minds

With the New York Yankees on the verge of winning their 27th championship and with the Boston Red Sox at home sitting on the couch, watching, Red Sox fans still have a reason to be somewhat happy.

Mike Hazen has decided to stay.

Mike who?

Hazen is widely considered one of Major League Baseball’s brightest young minds as he has the all important task of scouting for the Boston Red Sox with the more official title of farm director.  Hazen was offered the assistant to the general manager position with former Red Sox employee Jed Hoyer in San Diego.

But Hazen turned down Hoyer’s offer in order to stay with the Boston Red Sox.  Hazen works alongside scouting director Jason McLeod and is noted to always be in the ear of Theo Epstein when it comes to player development and scouting in the Minor Leagues.  

The 32-year-old still feels like he has something to accomplish with the Boston Red Sox as this may be an interesting year in the development of the Sox.  With a clear need to get younger and healthier on offense, Hazen and company will be asked to intelligently critique and decide which route to go on many young, promising prospects.

With the cream of the crop still a few years away in the Sox farm system, the Sox may decide to go on a binge in free agency spending, circa what the Yankees did last season.  Still, Hazen has the important task of assessing Boston’s young talent and his job could be one of the more important ones in Red Sox management the next few seasons.

So yes, it’s alright to say, thank you Mike Hazen.  We promise you that you’ll like the Red Sox more than the Padres.   

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