Pats In A Pickle At Wideout

New England Needs Wide Receivers To Step Up and Step In

Much like the starting pitching of the Boston Red Sox in 2009, the Patriots wide receiving core seemed to have stacked talent from front to back with depth up the ying-yang.

Well that depth has decimated in the first six weeks of the NFL season, and now the Patriots may be forced to rely upon special team specialist Sam Aiken and rookie Brandon Tate.  With the recent release of Joey Galloway and arm injury to Julian Edelman, the Patriots lack depth at the wide receiver position.  They let Jabar Gaffney and Kelley Washington walk away after last season and cut wideout Greg Lewis at the end of the preseason.

So now, there is the University of North Carolina standout Brandon Tate next in line for the Patriots.  And they need him to step up.  Even with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and three pass-catching tight ends, the Patriots could use a dynamic returner and receiver like Tate.  If the rookie can catch onto the playbook better than Galloway and show his speed while running routes, Tate could stick on, especially with No. 12 at the helm.

But if Tate doesn’t step up in London or the next couple of weeks, practice squad standouts Terrence Nunn and Isiah Stanback could be quick to try and step in and step up.  The intriguing member of this bunch is Stanback who is a quarterback on the practice squad but much like Edelman, could be converted into a wide receiver as he appeared in eight games for the Cowboys as wide receiver in 2008.   

But for now, its time to just wait and see.  It may, however, be an important time for the progression of the New England Patriots and their young receiving corps.

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