Patriots Blast Titans, Brady Puts Up 6 TD’s

In what was one of the most one sided and severe beatings in the history of the NFL I couldn’t help but enjoy this game.  Sure I enjoy a tigh nailbiter but sometimes I feel like relaxing and kicking my feet up.   Not sure what words best describes the Titans today but gross, disgusting, pathetic, and embarrasing should be close enough.

The game was closer to amusing then anything and the Titans should be  ashamed of themselves.  The Patriots had everything going today and I am not sure anyone could have beat them but the Titans are not a good football team and probably will not be for a long time to come.

It is not even worth writing much of a review of the game because the score pretty much tells all, 59-0.  Even though Tennessee is so bad the Patriots did look solid and certainly this was their best performance all season on both sides of the ball.  Now hopefully they can do it next week against Tampa Bay, another winless team.

A whole bunch of records were broken including Brady’s 5 touchdown passes in 1 quarter and largest margin of victory.  Brady had 345 yards and was 24 of 28… He was magical!

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