Seau Signing Looms

Belichick Tight Lipped On Return Of Junior Seau

Junior Seau is returning to the NFL for his 20 season, once again with the New England Patriots, and according to Seau, that’s a fact.  But Bill Belichick and the Patriots are keeping this signing close to the chest as the New England brass doesn’t have anything to say about the rumor of Seau signing other than Belichick saying, “We don’t have anything to say about it.”

Who are we kidding, its a typical weekday in Foxborough, even after their overtime loss to Denver on Sunday, Belichick and his squad are tight-lipped when it comes to the signing of Seau and everything else.  

Even with the return of Jerod Mayo to the Patriots active roster this weekend, the Pats apparently are looking for Seau to help bring stability to his former team.    


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