Amsey 5- The student didn’t beat the mentor. The Broncos outplayed the Patriots

1.  If there is a top tier executive manager in a big corporation that is in a competitive marketplace, that manager gets a raise, more equity, cash, whatever they want to ensure that the success that they’ve brought the business will continue. They also want to make sure that said manager is happy.  The analogy works the same for Vince Wilfork. I don’t even want to think about where the Patriots defense would be without him. He commands double teams on every rush or passing play that he is on the field for.  If only the Patriots would try something completely different like stunt blitz off of Wilfork’s double teams they’d find more success at getting to the quarterback. 1 sack by a back up linebacker and allowing for the extremely mobile? Kyle Orton to pick the Patriots apart was embarrassing.

2.  With 16 seconds left in regulation I thought that the Patriots were going to get called for a roughing the passer call (diving at the quarterbacks legs while on the ground).  I  was shocked when it wasn’t called.  For those of you fortunate enough to see the Browns and Bills barn burner we were graced with a roughing the passer call when a hand accidentally glanced off Trent Edwards’ helmet.  The danger that Edwards was in was life threatening. The helmet painters almost even had to get some paint out for the next game from the crushing glance of a defender’s hand that made contact with the quarterback’s helmet.  It’s a good thing that helmet is made from paper dolls , or the defensive player’s hand could have been severely damaged. Give me a break.

3. On the topic of ridiculous 15 yard penalties, how about Brandon Meriweather’s 15 yarder that aided the Broncos in scoring the tying touchdown?  Now I don’t condone poor sportsmanship, or any type of flaunting, taunting, or embarrassing your opponent. However, the NFL taunting rule is grayer the a New England sky.  The rule reads ” Any flagrant acts or remarks that deride, mock, bait or embarrass an opponent are considered taunting. This includes, but is not limited to, spiking the football near a defender after a touchdown, shoving the ball at an opponent, or repeated finger-pointing. Remember, if you spike the ball near an opponent after a play, you risk being called for taunting even if you don’t mean to taunt. ”  Forgive me for being naive, but couldn’t a taunting penalty be called on pretty much every single play in the NFL?  A mental edge is a critical part of the battle of the trenches and in theory, taunting could be called all day long.  The rule reads as an official wants to interpret it (outside of the ball spike or shoving the ball at an opponent, that’s pretty blatant).  Either enforce it all the time, or preferably take the official discretion out of play.  It’s a 1 score game, 16 seconds left and emotions are high.  What was even worse is that official was going for pass interference call and then when he learned it was tipped, migrated to a taunting penalty. Strange.

4. Shawn Springs is playing like a spry young chicken. He’s been very very good-even despite the 1 on 1 TD that Marshall beat him on. 

4a. There was a Pat Chung sighting. He almost blocked a punt

4b. Phil Simms.  Please tell me what this guy brings to the table? He played for umpteen years, has Super Bowl rings, has been doing it twice as long as Troy Aikman with half the knowledge.  What if the rest of society worked like professional sports announcing jobs.  You’d have bricklayers taking CEO positions at technology companies.   Convenient Store workers taking over project management.  Just because you were a good player clearly doesn’t make you a good commentator. And for the record Simms had the best defense in NFL history kind of helping him out. 

4c. I liked the Steelers uniforms. I mean Broncos.

4d. Dolphins upset the Jets tonight

4e. The Raiders looked stellar. How much is Richard Seymour enjoying his business life these days? I am pretty sure he’s one and done. Although if he does go back and sign a long term deal, they’ll overpay by 3x what any other franchise would give him and he gets to have Jamarcus Vince Young Ryan Leaf Rex Grossman Terrell Pryor Russell as his quarterback

4f.  6 days between the Sox and Twins getting swept until game 1 of the ALCS? I hope that it is Colorado vs. the Yankees in the series and blizzards happen every other day postponing it until December. What a joke. This is why I hate baseball.   Yes, I understand the irony of blogging for a baseball oriented website.

5. Let’s just get the giant elephant in the room on the table. Tom Brady isn’t the same quarterback that he was in 2007 right now. That’s not to say that by week 12 he won’t be,  but right now he is missing throws that he never would have missed a few years ago. It’s timing and accuracy and repetition. He’ll get there. No one works harder. He’s received the off-season hardest worker award for the Patriots 3 of the past 4 years. What other team besides the Raiders can say that their cushy, big salary, job security quarterback is still the hardest working guy in the room. By the end of the year it will look as seamless as it did 2 years ago.

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