Are You An Alex Gonzalez Fan?

Take A Look At Gonzo’s Life Beyond Baseball

Yes, the Boston Red Sox are in Anaheim, preparing to take on the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the ALDS.  Even with the importance of playoff baseball in these parts, one needs to remember that there are more important things in life than playoff baseball or sports in general.

This is true for Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez, who holds a heavy heart daily as he has an ailing 3-year-old son in a coma, stricken to a hospital bed in Miami.  I just read a great piece about Gonzo from Amy Nelson.  Read it here.  And remember, although we may all be caught bent out of shape in the next couple of weeks, anxiously cheering and hoping through these grueling baseball games, there are more important things to life than baseball.  With that being said, Go Red Sox.

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