Are You a Chowdahead and a Sports Hub MVP?

Submit Your “Slogan of the Day” and Earn 100 Sports Hub MVP Points

Woburn, Massachusetts September 24, 2009 – Hey Fellow Chowdaheadz, you know that wicked awesome t-shirt slogan idea that you have? Well now, if you sign up for the 98.5 Sports Hub MVP Program, you can enter that slogan and earn points toward a chance to win cool prizes.

When you submit your “Slogan of the Day,” you can earn 100 Sports Hub MVP points. To redeem your points, visit the Sports Hub MVP section and simply click the Chowdaheadz link to get the bonus code. If you are not a Sports Hub MVP, join the program at The bonus code expires Friday October 2, 2009.

Just want to enter your “Slogan of the Day,” drop by

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