Pagliuca for Senate?

Celtics Co-Owner is Now in the Running

Sports and politics don’t mix. First it was Curt Schilling (although he nixed the idea on the HBO show “Joe Buck Live” last night). And now, Steve Pagliuca? The co-owner of the Boston Celtics announced last Thursday at the TD Garden that he would enter the race for the late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in Congress. Pagliuca will run as a Democrat.

With the 2009-2010 NBA Season on the horizon and the Senate race heating up, what will this mean for the Celtics going forward? Danny Ainge and Wyc Grousbeck don’t seem to be worried; they appear to have confidence in Pagliuca. Grousbeck told the Boston Herald, “He’d give 100% to the state.” In the back of their minds though, they must be thinking this is an off court distraction waiting to happen. Let’s just hope basketball is focus when the season starts.

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