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A Look At Five Things That Caught My Eye From A Week Of Sports

1) Mark Sanchez’s First Start- The New York Jets may have hit the mark with the selection of Mark Sanchez at the No. 5 spot in the 2009 NFL draft.  Sanchez sparkled in his NFL debut, throwing for 272 yards and a touchdown, leading the J-E-T-S to a 24-7 win on Sunday over the Houston Texans.  The rookie had poise in the pocket and under pressure, especially at a hostile Reliant Stadium against a rising-squad in Houston.  What was so impressive about the former USC quarterbacks debut was his effectiveness and success-rate on third downs.  Sanchez was 12-15 for 191 yards on third downs, connecting with Chansi Stuckey for his lone TD of the day.  Sure, the rookie will go through his ups and downs as a Jet but in the long-run the New England Patriots and NFL will have to keep an eye on the California boy.

2) Tiger Woods being Tiger Woods-  Tiger Woods notched his 71st career PGA Tour win with a 19-under performance at the BMW Championship this weekend, marking his 6th victory of the 2009 season.  In the final Fed-Ex playoff event before the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, Tiger Woods regained his form and spot atop the leader-board in the BMW Championship, planting himself as the worlds number one player.  Was there any doubt folks?  The guy may be approaching his forties faster than we can say, hot jumbalaya, but Tiger Woods is still THE best golfer on the face of the Earth.  He didn’t win any Majors this year but if you give me one guy to put my money on week in and week out, I’ll take my chances with el tigre.

3) Serena Williams US Open Tirade-  Serena Williams’ outburst during the semifinals of the U.S. Open, after being called for a foot-fault at the end of the second-set, was an unfortunate event.  However, lets not blow this out of proportion. Serena verbally attacked the line-judge and made some threats to the person who took the match into her own hands, or eyes.  I know that Serena needs to apologize for her inappropriate actions but I can understand where she is coming from. Sports, on a national level, are highly adorned and heavily scrutinized so when a figure like Serena Williams has a breakdown, the brute force of the higher law in sports has to punish Williams, right?  Wrong, she was in the heat of a battle, a fierce battle at the U.S. Open, and all fans can understand that she had a right to upset over the, dare I say, ballsy, call the line judge made.  Lets not make this into a spectacle.  Fine Serena Williams and let her move on.  

4) Victor Martinez-   What a great mid-season acquisition.  Traded for Justin Masterson and some spare parts, Victor Martinez has made a name for himself in Boston.  His versatitly to play first base and catcher allows Terry Francona to mix and match his lineups each and every day, allowing him the benefit of resting Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell, and Kevin Youkilis when he sees best fit.  Oh, and Martinez isn’t too shabby with the lumber either.  This was one of Theo’s finer moves and Martinez could be one of the main reasons the Sox find themselves battling in October.

5) Ending Of Denver/Cincinnati Game-   Although I was disappointed in Josh McDaniels coaching debut with the Denver Broncos, I cannot say that I was shocked.  He traded away Jay Cutler, muddied his relationship with Brandon Marshall, and neglected the need to revamp the mediocre defense.  That being said, you have to marvel at the irony of the ending of the Denver, Cincinnati game on Sunday.  Kyle Orton had an average game and with the Broncos trailing 7-6 with under 30 seconds remaining, Orton heaved a ball into triple coverage but after Bengals cornerback Leon Hall tipped the ball into the air, Brandon Stokley stood with arms wide open and ran to the promise-land.  Stokley’s 87-yard touchdown reception with just 11 seconds remaining gave McDaniels his first win as Denver’s head coach and gave the Broncos an unbelievable end to an otherwise boring game.    It just shows that when things are going wrong, there going wrong and although both teams have had struggles the past few seasons, it seems like it’s going much worse for the Cincinnati Bengals.  In the end, it was a great play to end the game.  

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