Heavy Dose Of Denial

Ortiz Denies Steriod Use

David Ortiz says he never used steroids.  Do you believe him?  With the Red Sox slugger denying allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs and in particular, steriods, all that is left to be had is public opinion. 

So in the wake of Ortiz’ revelation and denial, the Red Sox and their fans must choose what side of the fence they’re on and how they will treat their once beloved slugger.  Big Papi could could have been “careless” back in the day and be telling us the truth.

He could also be pulling our chain.

Ten days after acknowledging that his name was on the list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, Big Papi went 0-for-3 against the New York Yankees as the Sox lost their fifth straight game. Ortiz’ situation is almost a good distraction with Boston reeling as Terry Francona and the Sox are struggling both on and off the field.  

The ship is sinking fast and Ortiz is at the bow.  

You’d think with Ortiz off of the “supplements”, he wouldn’t be carrying such a burden on the Sox or at least tippin’ the scale.  But with his name being released, all the pressure is on Ortiz to make up for dragging the Red Sox name through the mud.  

Then again, I am sure all would be forgotten in Red Sox nation if Big papi smashed a three-run home run off the Yankees on Sunday.  There’s nothing a three-run home run couldn’t do to help solve his messy situation.   

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