Red Sox Shopping For A Shortstop

Could Boston Be Looking To Land A New Shortstop?

All of Red Sox nation knows that the Boston Red Sox have a problem at shortstop.  Julio Lugo and Nick Green are not the answers for the proverbial hole at the shortstop position, so what can Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox do before Jed Lowrie returns in a month?

Wheel and deal baby, wheel and deal.

There are many possible options that are known to be on the radar screen of Boston as it’s no secret that the Sox are looking for a shortstop, with the most pressing issue being defense up the middle. Lugo is showing his age and lack of range nowadays and even with a solid bat, he has become a liability.  Although Green is a good story, he just can’t cut it in the big leagues consistently and that’s why he has been a minor league veteran.  So what do the Red Sox exactly have in mind to fill this void?

Oh, there are many possibilities.

Names have been flying around like peanuts at a baseball game.  If you pay too much attention to the rumors, you might get dizzy.  But let’s simplify the rumors and put them in lamest terms.  Theo Epstein has his eyes on Jack Wilson, Jhonny Peralta and old friends Orlando Cabrera and Alex Gonzalez.

Wilson would be a great fit for the Sox both offensively and defensively, but his price tag would be too high as it would take a pitching prospect or two to land the Pirates captain who also will make about $8 million in 2009.  Peralta has been relegated to third base duties for the Cleveland Indians which proves that the Indians don’t think the 27-year-old can cut it at shortstop.  We stop the discussion on him there.  Cabrera is batting a mere .232 and looks older than Edgar Renteria, ouch.  Last and certaintly not least is Alex Gonzalez.  Gonzalez is a defensive guru and is younger than everyone other than Peralta.  He used to play at Fenway Park and the Red Sox loved him, just not enough to keep.  But it’s because his bat wasn’t as good as former shortstops Nomar Garciaparra, Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria.

So with all the names laid out on the table, who would be the best fit in Boston?  Jack Wilson and Alex Gonzalez make the final cut because they both make the most sense. Boston needs solid defense and character at the shortstop position to help solidify the infield.  Adding a Wilson or Gonzalez could help ease the anxious minds of Red Sox fans who cringe every-time a ball is hit to shortstop.

But be careful what you wish for Red Sox fans as a solution at shortstop would likely divert all attention back to David Ortiz, which could spell bad news for the beloved Big Papi.

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